Our non-profit organization (gGmbH) is a limited liability company whose income is used for charitable purposes only. The articles of association of the charity fulfill the requirements according to charitable law according to § 52 AO.

Matthias Luecker

Matthias Luecker is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of FREO Group. He graduated from the University of Frankfurt, Germany, with a degree in Business Administration. Since 2018 he is the main shareholder of dona agito gGmbH.

Christiane Kewitz

Christiane Kewitz is the honorary Managing Director of dona agito gGmbH, which she founded in 2018 together with Matthias Luecker, on the basis of her previous voluntary work. This also included initiating projects within the ‘Netzwerk Migration Frankfurt’.
She grew up in Hong Kong, Bombay, New York, Milan and Germany with long and repeated stays abroad e.g. in Paris, London and New Jersey. 
In 1996 she completed her business studies degree as a Diplom-Kauffrau at the University of Münster, Germany.

“Initiated through heartbreaking pictures and news from the summer of 2015, when there was a big wave of refugees coming to Germany, primarily from Syria and Eritrea at the time, I have been helping the new arrivals to feel welcome and helping them to integrate into their communities. From the initial work of going into refugee homes for support and working together with the administration there, many projects in the neighbourhood have evolved, emerging in the foundation of dona agito gGmbH together with Matthias Luecker in order to be able to offer more holistic and individual support on an even broader basis as needed.
The initiation of projects that bring people together, reduce prejudice and get refugees emotionally and economically integrated constantly, is my goal.”

Sonia Aghazadeh

Sonia Aghazadeh joined dona agito in August 2019 as our integrations coordinator. She has become the new heart and soul of dona agito due to her very kind nature and  professional support, since having gone through the integration process successfully herself in a short period of time.
Empathy, reliability and self-initiative characterise her work. One of her projects of the Social Integration Program is the twice weekly “Meet & Talk” get-together.
She grew up in Iran, where she obtained her Master of Tourism Management degree at the University of Sheikh Bahaei in Isfahan, Iran.

“I chose to work for dona agito because as an emigrant of my homeland, I know how much support and help people need when arriving in a new country in search of a new perspective and a safe place to live and to not only arrive in the new country, but also to gain a foothold.
To have a job with such diverse tasks and people around me, I find very inspiring and the most wonderful thing is, one can give a lot, but one also gets back an incredible amount.”



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