We would be delighted if you supported our initiatives with a donation.

Recipient: dona agito gGmbH
IBAN: DE23500502010200684191

Every donation for our various activities is welcome and used effectively. 95 cents of every euro go to help those in need, as most of us work on a voluntary basis. Examples of projects to which the donations are channelled:

  • For our meeting platforms “Meet & Talk” and “Breakfast & Speaking” (average cost: 50 euros per meeting)
  • Translation services – mostly documents for recognition (approx. 70 euros per document)
  • Accompaniment to doctors approx. 50-70 Euro for translator
  • Financing of tutoring sessions for pupils and trainees (use of mini-jobbers) For example, you can support a 90-minute tutoring session with 35 euros.
  • Self-esteem-boosting projects for women such as cycling, swimming and Pilates courses.
    A 60-minute Pilates course, for example, costs 3 euros per participant. Membership is not required; spontaneous participation is possible. So far, 10-15 women take part every week.
  • Financing of textbooks, purchase of bicycle locks (30-40 euros) and used bicycles (20-50 euros per bicycle)
  • Theatre pedagogy course “Learning German through theatre” with self-presentation exercises to prepare for job interviews, discussions with authorities and doctors (80 euros per hour for 15 to 20 participants)
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