Examples of 6 integration steps depending on the individual situations:            
α         Entry Evaluation and Guidance Meetings
1                Social Integration Programs
2                Support  in learning the local language
3                Private tutoring program
4                Application process support
5                Finding Work Program

 Example: refugees with hardly any knowledge of the new language
α + 1, 2 with goal to get to 3, 4, 5
Initiate speaking German directly in the refugee homes and offer “corridor and kitchen talks” to those who have not been motivated to learn the language in recent years. The target group mostly includes single mothers with small children, the infirm and handicapped.
In addition, we organize roundtables within the accommodation to introduce the German language and cover important topics such as: ‘Sexuality, parenting and self-esteem’.
For children under the age of 3, who don’t learn German due to a lack of daycare support, we organize get-togethers, with the support of German speaking volunteers and open music lessons in cooperation e.g. with the Frankfurt music school ‘SCHIRN’. In this way, both adults and small children learn German in a playful manner.

Example 2: refugees with a basic language level, willing to work, with little work experience

α + 2, 3, 4, with 5 being the goal
Here we actively go into the refugee homes in order to find refugees who have a lower German level, but who are willing to work. Some of the refugees have finished education or have work experience from their home country. Helping them to find internships in conjunction with their German courses, apprenticeships and jobs ensures they strengthen their German vocabulary.

Example 3: refugees with a higher language level and work experience
α + 2, 3, with 5 being the goal
Many have already acquired a good knowledge of German, but cannot despite several trials, find their way into work, internships or into apprenticeships. At this point we support them by optimizing their CVs & applications, by practicing for a job interview, analyzing the market, building contacts through networking and reaching out to specific companies.

Example 4: support for refugees in an apprenticeship or job needing subject-related support
α + 2  with 3
Our support does not stop once refugees find work or an apprenticeship. Theory learned in professional schools often results in a challenge. In order to maintain the motivation to complete and continue, support is often required in areas such as: physics, mathematics, electronics etc. We provide not only privately organized tutoring, but also organize support facilities in youth centers for refugees to help improve the theoretical part of their education.


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