Awards & Impressions



  • “Breakfast and Speaking”:
    • 2017: Main prize of the Frankfurt Neighbourhood Award, category “Neighbours for Neighbours”
    • 2019: second Senfkornpreis by Caritas Frankfurt


Guided tour in simple German through the Plastic World, SCHIRN


7th Anniversary Celebration of ‘Breakfast & Talk ‘


Meeting & Talk /Struwwelpeter Museum

Swimming course for women in cooperation with the Caritas

Meeting & Talk in a local café

Pilates for women: dona agito in cooperation with a local gym club

German courses and other support program without summer break

Meet & Talk June 15th 2022

Tuesdays program: Dancing with Lenka from ‘Stagecoach’ and games with Maria while the mothers are in a Pilates class nearby 🇺🇦

Helping move

Example of a day schedule of individual German lessons by one of our students, Aryanaz

On Mai 21st, 2022 we celebrated the 6th anniversary of ‘Breakfast and Talk’. It was a wonderful reunion with some friends of the past years.

Collecting medical supplies for the 🇺🇦 and food for children’s hospitals

Breakfast and Talk on April 23rd playing a game to learn German

Breakfast and Talk in the Museum for Communication

Excursion with Breakfast and Talk into the Zoo and the Frankfurt Palmengarten during Easter Holidays.

April 5th, a “Meet and Talk” outing. With new Ukrainian friends 🇺🇦 we visited a Renoir exhibition: “It feels so good to fill ones thoughts with positive images”


Breakfast and Talk March 26th 🇺🇦

Breakfast and Talk with sad and happy moments 🇺🇦

‘Breakfast and Talk’ on March 12th, 2022 in the Carl von Weinberg Park with about 25 adults and 20 children.

🇺🇦 Collecting donations for children’s hospitals in the Ukraine and for men in Kiew at the front.

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