dona agito

dona agito non-profit GmbH

With our charitable initiatives, we actively promote and organize the help for refugees and support civic engagement in the neighborhood in favor of benevolent purposes.

Our work is characterized through a high degree of personal contact in everyday life and a holistic approach to help improve the integration of refugees not only through situation-adapted German support measures and job application process support, but also through a strong focus on social integration programs.

 These are, for example, implemented through the with neighborhood prizes endowed weekend meeting called “Breakfast and Talk” and further “Meet & Talk” events, which help bring people together, forming the basis for community help in all areas of everyday life.

 To intertwine demographic groups by their actions, in a healthy, harmonious, constructive and positive way focusing on integration is our main goal.

The name
dona agito means ‚ donate‘ and  “then act” 
dona              ‚donation‘ (engl.)
agito              agere (lat.), then ‚act‘ (engl.)

Donations flow into the initiatives, as described in the “initiatives” menu point above
Name: dona agito gGmbH
IBAN: DE23500502010200684191