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dona agito non-profit GmbH

With dona agito we actively promote civic engagement in favor of charitable and benevolent purposes in the neighborhood and, as Christiane has already done since summer 2015, offer support for people with a refugee background.

This is, for example, implemented through the regular meeting called “Frühstück und Sprechen” (“Breakfast and Talk”), which helps bring people from the neighborhood together, forming the basis for community help in all areas of everyday life.

To promote international sentiment, tolerance in all areas of international understanding and culture is very important. Excursions to museums and cities, round tables discussions and participation in neighboring festivals, are just some of the shared experiences to support this.

Direct measures are taken to help improve the integration of the refugees through situation-adapted German support measures. These can take of the form of ‘kitchen and floor talks’ as well as support in finding work and internships, which are ongoing projects.

Furthermore the focus is on youth welfare, with the aim of organizing cooperation within surrounding secondary schools and youth centers to provide students with a structured framework.  This includes free homework assistance, if required.
Young refugees who have already managed to get into an apprenticeship can also find help there in learning the theoretical part of their education, which again keeps them motivated.

dona agito networks in benevolent, social areas: bringing people together, who can support each other  – with the help of volunteers and financial donations.  Our goal is to intertwine demographic groups in neighborhoods by their actions, in a healthy, harmonious, constructive and positive way.

The name
dona agito means ‚ donate‘ and  “then act” 
dona              ‚donation‘ (engl.)
agito              agere (lat.), then ‚act‘ (engl.)

Donations flow into the initiatives, as described in the “initiatives” menu point above
Name: dona agito gGmbH
IBAN: DE23500502010200684191