Integration Projects


 The initiatives in 6 steps that strongly support the integration in Europe:

Entry Evaluation and Guidance Meetings
The status of integration of refugees we meet is analyzed and then we together define which special support is needed to fill gaps and built bridges within the numerous offers of the existing system.
Like this individuals are likely to better reach their goals through a high degree of networking.
Parallely we suggest taking part and offer our Social Integration Programs.

Social Integration Programs
While our daily activities are strongly characterized through regular personal contact, giving emotional and empathic support, we organize projects within the refugee’s new surrounding so opportunities are given to get out of refugee homes, meet locals and actually grow into like a ‘family structure’.
We offer
– 18/7 personal support
– More times weekly „Meet & Talk“ events: visiting libraries, job information centers, museums, places of culture, cafés, participating in international neighboring festivities
– “Breakfast & Talk” on Saturdays, a project that won the main Frankfurt Neighboring Prize 2017 and the 2nd prize of the Caritas Senfkornprize 2019.
Support  in learning the local language
– through ‚corridor & kitchen talks‘ in the refugee homes, for those who cannot take language courses
– through SCHIRN Frankfurt Music School offers for families (singing in the new language),
– through professional ProFamilia consultation talks regarding family/private topics
– we do not offer courses for the masses since there is a huge offer of language courses on the market, but we advise, financially support and jump into gaps, when courses are cancelled.

Private tutoring program
which individually supports attendees to pass not only language level exams, but also exams written during a newly gained apprenticeship or at schools.

Application process support
We offer basic computer tutoring in small groups and at the same time instruct and support to write applications and CVs.

Finding Work Program
We help to find internships, jobs & apprenticeships using the information from existing professional information centers, social conferences and networking in the neighborhood.

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