The team

Our non-profit limited company (gGmbH) consists of a managing director working on a voluntary basis, two mini-jobbers and many volunteer supporters.

The company’s Articles of Association fulfil the requirements of the non-profit law in accordance with Section 52 of the German Tax Code (AO), in that it has a non-profit, charitable, and ecclesiastical corporate purpose and the purpose is pursued selflessly, exclusively, and directly. 

Partners: Christiane Kewitz and Matthias Luecker

Christiane Kewitz

Christiane Kewitz is the volunteer managing director of dona agito gGmbH, which she founded in 2018 together with Matthias Luecker based on her voluntary work since 2015, were she was part of the Netzwerk Migration Frankfurt. She develops all projects, implements them and is responsible for the management of the gGmbH in all matters.

Christiane Kewitz has been helping people with a refugee background to integrate since 2015. She spent her childhood in Hong Kong, Bombay, New York and Milan, among other places, and completed her studies in Münster with a degree in business administration. Christiane Kewitz then worked in marketing/international product management for over ten years.

Matthias Luecker

Matthias Luecker is the founder, chairman and CEO of FREO Group.
He graduated from University of Frankfurt/Main with a degree in business administration.
He has been a shareholder of dona agito gGmbH since 2018.

Our team

On behalf of the many volunteers and supporters, we would like to introduce four members of the dona agito core team:


Astrid Schidlowski

Astrid Schidlowski has been taking care of the administration on a voluntary basis since 2018.


Sonia Aghazadeh

Sonia Aghazadeh joined the team in August 2019.  With empathy, reliability, and initiative, she offers professional and motivating support and guidance, e.g. when dealing with the authorities and counselling in everyday life. She organises our excursions.

I grew up in Iran, where I graduated from university with a degree in tourism management. I decided to work for dona agito because, as an emigrant myself, I know how much support and help is needed by people who have left their homeland in search of a new perspective and a safe place. .
For me, the great thing about my work is that you can give a lot, but you also get an incredible amount in return.”


Aryanaz Rezaian

Aryanaz Rezaian has been a reliable and committed mini-jobber at dona agito since mid-2019. She offers tutoring courses and flexibly adapts to the individual language learning needs of her students of all ages. Whether they are young people from Ukraine who want to achieve C1 language level for their studies or a Syrian woman who is still living in temporary accommodation and would otherwise not dare to come out.


Annette Kümbel

„I dream of islands of humanity in the sea of harshness and indifference,
I dream of people who invest something, to enable others to live a dignified life,

I dream of fear-free spaces and encouraging thoughts,

I dream of houses, apartments and rooms, in which people, who otherwise count for little in our world, are encouraged and supported with love and time.”
(Ulrich Schaffer, translated from German into English)


The quote from Ulrich Schaffer depicts my attitude towards fellow human beings.

My name is Annette Kümbel and I have been working as a volunteer for dona agito gGmbH since 2023. Until April 2022, I have worked at the Youth and Social Welfare Office in Frankfurt/Main as a social educator in the youth welfare and staff council. (Sozialpädagogin im Jugendamt und Personalrat).

The principles of social justice, human rights, shared responsibility, social cohesion and respect fort the diversity of lifestyles have been the basis for my professional activity and now my voluntary work.

I am involved with dona agito gGmbH because here many volunteers encourage refugees with interest, respect and consideration to actively shape their lives, give people help in difficult life situations to overcome their challenges and promote neighbourly contacts.  





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