• “Breakfast & Speaking”

Since May 2016, the regular district meeting has been coordinated on a voluntary basis and organised twice a month by the managing director of dona agito gGmbH and run by her and volunteers from the Netzwerk Migration Frankfurt. Niederrad residents invite guests to have breakfast with them. The private setting allows people to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and trust can grow. German language skills can be improved through language games. Those invited find an open ear for all matters. This means that things can often be arranged directly and easily, whether someone needs translation services to have their documents recognised or extra help to prepare for an exam or during their training. If something cannot be arranged straight away, an individual meeting is arranged in our small counselling room, which we are allowed to use in the parsonage of the Paul Gerhardt parish.


  • “Meet & Talk”

dona agito staff invite to take part in meetings, walks, visits to museums, cafés and cinemas in the city. Here, too, the private environment makes it possible to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere, we have an open ear for all matters and trust can grow. There is a wide range of excursions and cultural activities on offer.
We invite people to “Meet & Talk” to create opportunities for cultural interaction beyond everyday help and to encourage people to broaden their own horizons. Experiencing something beautiful together brings people of all cultures and backgrounds together and forms the basis for well-founded, personal integration and human interaction.


  • K39 Counselling centre
    Our counselling centre, which also offers individual tutoring, is in the vicarage of the Paul Gerhard parish. Organised and run primarily by mini jobbers.
  • Everyday help, such as opening a bank account or filling out forms. We also organise work placements and help with job applications.


  • Contact point not only for adults, but also for young people and families


  • We organise Pilates, swimming and cycling courses especially for women, as well as theatre education courses where the participants can learn German through play and at the same time practice self-expression.


  • Help during the Corona period
    Even during the Corona period, we were there for everyone and found ways to help and meet up on walks, e.g. through the city forest.
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