Breakfast and Talk

At the start of 2016, Christiane Kewitz came up with the idea of “Breakfast and Talk” ​​to get people with a refugee background to integrate with the locals at weekends.
Since May 2016, breakfasts are held every two weeks, on Saturday mornings with the help of about 10, supportive neighbours. 
“Breakfast and Talk” is the platform to help all participants with their job, apprenticeship or internship search. We assist with visits to authorities, medical facilities and lawyers. We also work closely with the refugees to carry out housing searches, kindergarten placements and family reunification. We organize swimming, gymnastics and cycling events and teach people how to, repair and manage bicycles. Club memberships can be funded when a suitable sport is found.

‘Frühstück und Sprechen’ won the main prize of the city Frankfurt Neighbourhood Award in the category ‘neighbours for neighbours’ in 2017.

In April 2019 “Frühstück und Sprechen” was awarded the second prize of the so called CARITAS “Senfkornpreis.”